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The Colella Design Group is an independent graphic design company. We are experts in print production design and and prepress for all printed materials.

Members of our design team have years of real-world experience creating eye-catching design for many different materials ranging from business cards to award-winning magazines and even books.

Pete Colella and Katy Clark started this business after years of experience in the industry and are the owners and principle designers. Pete has spent his entire post-school career in magazine development and production, learning along the way from very talented artists and entrepreneurs in the publishing industry. Since 1991 Pete has been either solely responsible or the lead designer in the production of well over 1,000 magazines, the majority of which are ad-only magazines geared towards direct-response. Katy joined Pete in this field in the late nineties and quickly gained the admiration of her peers and coworkers with creative abilities, high standards and work ethic.

Both Pete and Katy were responsible for the production, layout, design and color photo reproduction for the award-winning magazine PhotoMedia. While under their watchful eyes PhotoMedia won 6 consecutive Grand Apex awards for their layout, design and color reproduction along with several Maggie awards. Journal Graphics even received a Gold Printing Award for the publication.

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